About us

Here, at Collins Cross, we use the latest technology to develop critical business IT solutions for our clients and maintain them.

We specialise in assisting retail businesses in distributing and supporting cost-effective business to business IT solutions and websites support and maintenance.

We focus on providing much more than ordinary IT-solutions companies. We appreciate the difficulty to stay competitive with old-fashioned and inefficient processes.

At Collins Cross, we are devoted to help our clients to assess their business processes, optimise, improve, automate them, and maintain so that you can save on your operating costs while having your productivity levels boosted.

In order to help you to position your business better

we will help to integrate smart office systems, and learn how to use specific equipment as well as comprehensive stack of technologies.

Every business is different. We don’t operate using one-service-fits-all business model. Before we offer a custom-tailored strategic solution, we perform technical audit and analys your business structure relevant market, and your goals.  At Collins Cross we consider this to be the only and the best way to leverage technology to meet your specific business needs and achieve your objectives.

We offer the best solutions for our customers

While we are capable of planning and executing large technological projects, we also excel in minor ad hoc jobs. Over the years, we have found out that implementing the latest technological advantages from around the globe, while relying on competence and team energy, enabled us to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Since the IT landscape is constantly changing, we continuously train our employees to maintain the quality of the services we provide. Our main goal is to bring the most modern and high-performance tools to the UK market.

Our target areas are:


Vending automation


Banking and retail equipment


Processing and similar high-loaded systems


Sales automation and other related software

The success we guarantee to our clients is backed up by our unique business processes, and devotion. Once we develop and execute a technological project, we are available to continue monitoring, maintaining, and analysing the effects it has on your business, so that we can offer adjustments for even better results.

We develop and implement solutions to meet your most specific requirements and needs!

Providing services to many clients helped us understand the value of partnership and collaboration. This is why Collins Cross, in addition to its own team and technology portfolio, cooperates with leading international partners who specialize in this field.